Jen & Scott


SEPTEMBER 19, 2009

Jen & Scott

You have been such an important part of the wedding process and we have enjoyed every minute because of you!

When selecting a wedding planner, there is one quality that I required. I wanted to know that if anything went wrong, the planner would find a solution quickly and handle the situation with grace. Susan exudes this quality. Her goal is meeting your goal and she goes above and beyond the call of duty to do so.

She is charming, classy, knowledgeable, and prepared. I spilled dipping sauce on my wedding dress just before the grand entrance in to the reception and she had a kit that got rid of the stain in seconds! My parents are separated and she advised me on delicate etiquette issues without flaw. She has fantastic relationships for all of the major vendors. I used several of her suggestions and each of them exceeded my expectations, while meeting my price range.

On that note, my husband did not think we needed a wedding planner, but when things were all said and done he said that Susan is worth her weight in gold. I highly recommend Susan. One of my bridesmaids was in another wedding a couple weeks later and said that 'Susan was the glue that held everything together. Your wedding was much better because Susan made sure that the day flowed seamlessly.' The father of the bride said that Susan gave him 'the best day of his life' and Susan is still humble enough pass the credit on to me."
- Jen Ruffner, bride

People dream of a wedding they can look back on and truly feel it was the most amazing day and party of their lives. Picturesque, elegant and beautiful are difficult in their own rights. We mean truly amazing with regards to the way the weekend flowed and how people felt, during and afterwards.

After our wedding family and friends could not stop talking about the weekend. Hearing them talk about the amazing time they had felt so good. We love our family and friends. Having them have such a phenomenal time was all we could ever wish for, because we knew we had the time of our lives.

Its simple to say the wedding was an amazing event but so many things play into that. The ambience, timing and flow are a very important to the overall wedding. Each step doesn't have to be extravagant, most things in our wedding were simple. Putting all these pieces together is hard and requires skill.

This leads us to Susan. We had the goal to realize the amazing wedding described above. We had our own ideas and did things on our own but Susan has such a talent for planning weddings that it was second nature for her to perfect our ideas. We had budget constraints and also specific things we wanted at any cost. Susan took these threads and wove them into a beautiful event, making everyone play their part and enjoy their part in the wedding.

When we were stressed Susan knew how to relax us. When we procrastinated, Susan jumped in and set up meetings, made plans and let us pick what we wanted from the options. What is strange is that we never felt pressured. She was a support system that was incredible. What people should know is that our wedding weekend didn't go perfect without some hiccups (due to us and our family/friends). For example dipping sauce from an appetizer spilled on the front of the wedding dress right before we were supposed to be announced, some of our groomsmen have big personalities the list goes on and on but when all was said and done Susan handled everything for us with style and grace. (She was prepared for dress stains and removed the stain from the dress. The emergency was over in less than 90 seconds)

Without a doubt we would seriously regret not selecting Susan to help us with our wedding. If we had to plan our wedding with an unlimited budget or at city hall we would want Susan next to us, without a moment of hesitation.
- Scott Ruffner, Groom

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