Kathryn & James


OCTOBER 24, 2009

Kathryn & James

I contracted with Susan almost immediately after our engagement because I was a long-distance bride. As such, my requirements for a planner were different. I needed someone to talk to in the evenings, someone willing to spend their Saturdays with me when I could come into town and someone who was more familiar with the area than I (as I had moved away almost ten years earlier). Susan met and exceeded all these expectations.

Initially I thought I would take on most of the planning and so we engaged V&M at the week-of plus consulting tier. However after a promotion at work, I found myself relying on Susan more and more. We quickly burned through our hours as she kept us on track through the ten month planning period. She proved invaluable by negotiating with our caterer. In fact, the money she saved us more than paid her fees. The one area I struggled with was budget. And while Susan sent me plenty of budget worksheets, that doesn't mean that you end up sticking to a budget! I don't have "budget tastes" and this was always hanging over my head as we made small decisions that really can add up. In the end, while we went substantially over budget, my parents were as thrilled with the finished product as I was and were in a position to give us the wedding of our dreams.

The main reason I wanted a planner was to have a stress-free wedding day and that certainly was the case. I knew everything had been taken care of and that neither of my parents nor the groom and I would have to do anything but enjoy the party! What Susan provided that I did not necessarily anticipate were her calming reassurances in times of stress and anxiety, advice on how to handle wedding etiquette nightmares and ideas on how to execute our day in the most unique ways. I could not have asked for a better manager of details or more professional and collected presence in front of our guests!

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