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As you explore my website, you'll learn a little about who I am, how I work with my clients in capturing and interpreting their voice and style, and which Levels of Service I offer as a wedding planner. That's all necessary and important information, but what you really need to know is why I do what I do…why I founded 

That's it! Wedding Inspiration!

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susan h. moran



Since I was a very little girl, all things “Bride” and “Wedding” have fascinated me! How many of you, at age 5, was actually a “Bride” for Halloween?! The absolute first Wedding I ever designed was in age 11...for my Barbie Dolls!


Founded in 2008, TIWC is, in all ways, a dream come true! To be able to have a career in wedding design and implementation is beyond fantastic!

I delight in being your resource, advocate, support, friend, “Nuptial Engineer” & just a wee bit of a “Fairy Godmother”.


TIWC has opened the opportunity for unlimited possibilities & has led me to meet the most incredible people in the them make priceless Wedding Memories...then enjoy their ongoing friendship as the ultimate bonus!


A Texas native, I was raised in Dallas, earned a degree from Southern Methodist University in Communication Disorders, lived in the Lower Rio Grande Valley for 27 years & then transplanted to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in 2003.


Beyond being a wedding planner, I love cooking & entertaining (for fun at home & as auction donations at area non-profit events), playing the piano & teaching piano lessons...reading mysteries...”Forrest Gump” & “Gone with the Wind”...Sir Elton fishing & traveling...learning...all things “bubbly” – a cold glass of Prosecco or an icy Diet Dr. Pepper...&...most of all...

sharing priceless time with my amazing family.

susan in action

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